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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kidney Stone Agua Tiempo

Kidney Stone is one of common illness of our fellow Filipinos because of the love of eating Salty Foods

this Entry can help cure that disease

the Use of Pandan as Agua Tiempo (substitute for daily water intake)

Ingredients and procedure:

4 pieces Male Pandan Leaves ( pandan plant that has torns)
1 gallon of water

boil the leaves and use it as water substitute

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Curing my 3 week old baby that was Hexed by my Monster-in-law !

last night we've been disturbed by 4 witches, and yes one of them is my mother-in-law, I'm not gonna say what's the reason, all I know is we're on the right side because of the things she did to her 1st born (she cursed her and she got divorced with her husband) and her 2nd born (married with a married guy so the marriage is null and void). during my wife's pregnancy she makes it a point that my wife (the youngest of all her child) always get sick and makes her nervous all the time, the reason behind it ? because the first born hates her gambling habit and had a fight with her because they don't want her to gamble. she is angry with my wife because we helped in solving the family's financial problem, my mother-in-law keeps telling her siblings that if my wife and I hadn't intervened, her husband would be in a miserable financial status and would need her help (Do I hear it right ? after all she is the cause of the financial problems? her gambling, debts,loans and spending habit) I wonder why some people can't live without debt's though she has a monthly allowance of 20k to spend just for her self. and she even Hexed her adopted son to the point of almost dying from pneumonia like illness. the reason I know she hexes everybody is the fact that a shaman helped cure my brother-in-law with just 1 session he became well as if he hadn't been sick for almost a month. I got sick with fever of more than 40 degrees Celsius, after an hour my wife rubbed blessed oil on my forehead and I'm healed instantly. That's very impossible! What kind of Mother would want her children to be miserable ?

Actually I call her Monster-in-law!

Going back to last night, my 3 week old baby was restless, can't sleep, keeps puking and has LBM like symptoms, my precious 3 week old baby, keeps crying the whole afternoon till around 2 am. It was only then that he stopped after I put a talisman found in one of the blogs, I just wrote it on a piece of paper and wet it with oil so that the talisman would stick to my baby's chest. before I did that we were ready to bring my child to the hospital, I don't know what got into my mind and ask someone to tawas (a form of divination so that we can know if it was caused by Hex, evil spirits or natural sickness) my baby and my wife. only then we found out that they were hexed because of 4 vivid pictures formed in the divination, 3 human like figures that looked like a wide forehead bearded man, one looks like an old lady with a very long hair, one looked like a short hair lady. on my wife was 2 animal like figures a dog, a cat and surprisingly one exactly looks like my Monster-in-law. My theory is that she asked her witch friends to do the baby so that we can't trace her, but she miscalculated because she didn't think I would also subject my wife with the divination.

To make the long story short, I used the 8m to cure my baby. My wife got instant healing after the divination (so now i know that the Monster-in-law has weak powers).

I would gladly share the 8m here but I think I'll just share this story and the procedure I did since the info about 8m is really known for removing hexes (credit goes to Ka Fernando for sharing the 8m)


I took a piece of clean new bond paper, cut a small rectangle piece and wrote the 8m on it, using a brand new ballpen which I have reserved to be used in writing spells, then soak it in baby oil so that it would stick to my baby's chest, then at 7 am I burned that piece of paper.

"I Pray to the LORD that No baby should go through the same ordeal, and pray that the one doing it to babies would suffer the darkest punishment of eternal damnation"

" I Thank the LORD that I have very supportive parents that take cares of my wife like their own, I couldn't thank the LORD enough for the blessing I now have"

(witches that put hexes on innocent babies should DIE) its just my opinion.

thank you also goes to Ka FuerzaDivino, Ka Batobalani, Ka mario , Ka Libreto, Ka Merz, Ka Tatak, Ka Doble & Ka Ronan and to all those present in the conference that night.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dengue First Aid

In the Rural Areas in in our Country when Dengue strikes , they usually have a first aid made of Papaya Leaf extract.

Ingredients and procedure:

2 fresh papaya leaf crushed (parang dinikdik) get the extract

extract should be around 2 table spoon if not add more leaves, and have the patient drink the extract.

this has proven to help in alleviating the blood platelets to help the body to fight the dreaded Dengue Virus

Medicine to avoid Dialisys

This herbal Medicine for Kidney helps in making the kidney return to its normal function hence avoids Dialisys.

the procedure was borrowed from our Chinese brothers. it was published in Chinese and with the help of my mom, i had her translated it in English, so that our fellow Filipinos can benefit since the ingredients are available locally.

ingredients and procedure:

7 fresh lychee seeds pounded (dinik-dik) and placed in a gauze pocket ( ilalagay na parang tea bag)

a pair of pork kidney (bato ng baboy) clean & remove the reddish part & cut into thin pieces.

2 big bowl of 2nd time rice wash ( ikalawang beses na hugas bigas)

mix all ingredients ang put in a double boiler and steam for half an hour in a low fire then drink/eat and finnish the whole soup in one sitting. do this often until the kidney function returns to normal.

* you may notice there is no salt with the soup its intentional

Friday, May 22, 2009


Banaba Leaf is good for diabetes..Its ability to lower blood sugar is attributed to its corosolic acid content. Decoction of Dried leaves and fruit (dried one to two weeks), 50 gms to a pint of boiling water, 4 to 6 cups daily has been used for diabetes. Old leaves and ripe fruit are preferred, believed to have greater glucose lowering effect. Young leaves and flowers have a similar effect, though only 70% that of matures leaves and fruits. A decoction of 20 gms of old leaves or dried fruit in 100 cc of water was found to have the equivalent effect to that of 6 to 7.7 units of insulin